There’s a good reason that our “vent unit” has been named “Breath of Life”. It’s not the respiratory support equipment. It’s the attitude of our staff and the gratitude of our residents and their families.

We have been providing ventilator and respiratory care for over 20 years. Our objective for residents in Ventilator Dependent Care is to gradually wean them from mechanical ventilation to independent breathing. Working closely with Isabella’s Rehabilitation Services, residents are encouraged to do exercises that may help them use oxygen more efficiently. Our weaning rate is over 50%.

We have 36 certified ventilator dependent beds, 40 respiratory transition beds and a specially trained inter-disciplinary team of professionals to treat, monitor and assist each resident. Our staff consists of (2) Board Certified Pulmonologists. Our certified Respiratory Therapists provide comprehensive respiratory care.

Highlights of our 24/7 Ventilator Dependent Care include:

  • Portable vents: allowing movement away from the bedside and participation in our newly renovated Center for Rehabilitation
  • Non-invasive testing: techniques for accurate measurement of blood oxygen levels without having to draw blood each time
  • Speech and swallowing expertise: to evaluate the specific conditions to retrain their abilities to speak and swallow and provide devices to restore these function to each resident’s maximum level
  • Rehabilitative services: to encourage exercises that help resident use oxygen more efficiently
  • Therapeutic recreation specialists: to provide music that adds sensory stimulation.

“It is better than winning the lottery. I credit Isabella’s staff with helping me reclaim my life. I couldn’t have made it without their encouragement and support. Everyone was nice and caring. They always tried to do the very best they could for me.”

B. Tyler, 2011 – A Former recipient of ventilator dependent care now living happily at home.

For more information about any of our specialized care services, please contact our Admissions office at (212) 342-9245 or click here to send us a message.

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