A Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) is one in which there is a significant proportion of older residents. NORC Programs can be located in an apartment building, a housing complex with multiple buildings, or an area where a number of apartment buildings are clustered together.

A NORC Supportive Services Program coordinates a broad range of social and health care services to support senior residents and prevent crises. The program takes a proactive approach that seeks to deepen the connections older adults have to their communities. Older adults, housing entities and healthcare professonals work side by side to fulfill the seniors’ vision of a more elder friendly community in their own building or neighborhood, turning their community into a good place to grow old.


NORC Supportive Service Programs provide social work services, healthcare coordination, preventive screenings and health workshops as well as a slate of recreational and educational programs, all located in the building or immediate vacinity. Volunteer opportunities provide meaningful ways for older residents to stay active and involved for the betterment of their own community.

For more information about Isabella’s NORC Programs call 212-342-9364 or click here to send us a message.

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