"Orchestrating Dreams" Perform at Isabella

“Orchestrating Dreams” a young person’s orchestra, performed a concert at Isabella on Saturday, January 27th.   The orchestra, led by Music Director, Andrea Profili, played wonderful selections of classical music, popular music and music with a Spanish flair.  Residents and visitors filled the room and were delighted to experience a wonderful concert by such gifted young talent.


“Orchestrating Dreams” is part of the Washington Heights & Inwood (WHIN) Music Project created several years ago by Director Profili and Fellow David Garcia as a way of encouraging young people from the northern Manhattan community to learn to play and enjoy instruments. 


New York State Senator, Marisol Alcantara, attended the performance and congratulated these young musicians.  Senator Alcantara was instrumental in getting funding for the orchestra and was delighted to see how beautifully these youngsters performed.

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