United Methodist Women Donate Lap Robes

On Friday, April 8th, Isabella residents were the fortunate recipients of beautifully crafted lap robes & prayer shawls made by members of the organization, United Methodist Women. 

This chapter, the Metropolitan District of United Methodist Women, is affiliated with Mount Calvary/Saint   Mark’s United Methodist Church at 49-55 Edgcombe Avenue.

These colorful robes & prayer shawls were made by United Methodist members from around the world.  The daughter of Former Chapter President, Tommy Douglas, arranged for them to be brought to Isabella.   Four lovely ladies from the Metropolitan Chapter were kind enough to deliver them – each carefully wrapped for their lucky new owner.  These visiting “angels”were Dorothy Robertson, Dorothy Hamilton, May Ott and Marcella Bond.

Some of the lap robes had messages. One such message read “Crocheted by hand and tread with Prayers of Love and Hope, the Prayer Shawl is a gift to you.  May it bring blessings of comfort, gifts of warmth and may you know that you are loved.”    This lovely shawl brings a double warmth – that of the shawl and that of the warm sentiment.

 We thank the women of the United Methodist Women for their lovely gifts and their generous and heartwarming spirit.




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United Methodist Women Donate Lap Robes